Capital Mysteries Series

Ron Roy

I spent eight years writing the books in my A TO Z MYSTERIES series. Now that the series is finished, I am writing a new series called CAPITAL MYSTERIES. I call it that because all the stories take place in Washington, DC. In these books, you will meet K.C. Corcoran and her pal, Marshall Li.

They live near the White House, and are friends with the President of The United States. In my books, the president is Zachary Thornton. President Thornton has a cat called George, named after the first United States president. As you read the books in CAPITAL MYSTERIES, you will get to "visit" the White House, the Smithsonian, the Lincoln Memorial, and many other wonderful sites. You will learn about some of the earlier presidents and have fun helping K.C. and Marshall catch the bad guys! There is even a map to help you find your way from the White House to the building where K.C. and Marshall live.

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Meet KC Corcoran, Marshall Li and President Zachary Thornton

KC is a fourth grader. She has red hair and often jumps to conclusions. KC collects facts because she wants to be a TV news anchor woman some day. She reads the newspaper every day because she loves to know what's going on in the world.
Marshall lives in the same building as his friend KC. He keeps Spike, his pet tarantula, in a baseball cap next to his bed. Marshall loves all animals, but especially those with eight legs. Some day he hopes to have a job at the Smithsonian working in the Insect Room.
President Thornton is a nice guy. He is young and single with a good sense of humor. President Thornton likes people. He can often be seen walking around Washington shaking hands with the tourists. He has a cat named George who follows him around the White House.

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